Restroom Solutions For Any Event

ConnCans offers a wide variety of temporary restroom solutions for every situation. All facilities are available daily, weekly or monthly and service is scheduled to suit your individual requirements.

Each event is special and has special requirements. Smaller events such as backyard parties, weddings or picnics may require individual restrooms with the addition of trash boxes or hand wash stations. Larger events such as festivals, fairs, or tournaments may need restroom trailers, ADA approved portable toilets, trash boxes, roll off containers as well as wastewater pumping services and project management. Our team is experienced and can help evaluate your needs to determine which of our services / packages would work best for your event.

Individual Units

ConnCans offers a wide variety of temporary restrooms for every situation – from standard portable toilets for construction sites, farms, parking lots or backyard events to upscale portable restrooms for weddings, picnics, parties or even temporary bathroom facilities during bathroom renovation or construction.

Restroom Trailers

Step inside the luxury of our line of restroom trailers. These mobile restroom facilities are perfect for larger events such as concerts, fairs, festivals or tournaments where larger crowds are expected or more upscale restrooms are needed. We’ve taken care of all the details that will make your guests quickly forget they are in a temporary facility. Private rooms, temperature controls, stereo, automatic faucets; all lead to unexpected delight and endless appreciation.

Job Site Facilities

Remote field office locations or remote sales trailers typically have unique needs. ConnCans is equipped to provide custom temporary restroom solutions for any requirement. We can provide water, wastewater holding tanks and toilets in a variety of configurations to meet your needs.  We also have self-contained toilets, holding tanks and specialty restroom trailer units designed specifically for the job site.

Additional Products / Services

In addition to restroom facilities, we have other related products and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Portable sinks, hand sanitizers, shower trailers, roll-off containers and other related items are available for your convenience. We also offer services such as water delivery, restroom valets, wastewater pumping as well as project management to ensure the success of your project.


Not sure what you need? Contact us for assistance and we will be happy to guide you through your selection process.

The availability and accessibility of adequate restroom facilities is vital at any event to ensure the basic comfort of attendees. Restrooms have evolved from a basic necessity to an important detail contributing to the success of a special event.

Seasonal Temporary Restrooms

ConnCans temporary restrooms are the perfect solution for your seasonal needs. Temporary restrooms eliminate the need for expensive sewer, water or electrical hook-ups, cut down ongoing maintenance costs and limits your investment to the season in which you need it most. Visitors will appreciate the convenience of clean facilities and you will appreciate the flexibility and convenience of temporary restrooms.

Typical seasonal facilities include:

   Athletic fields
   Golf courses

Temporary Bathroom Facilities for Seasonal Applications

Long Term
ConnCans temporary restrooms provide a cost effective alternative to building a permanent rest area and offer the added convenience of being able to move the units to where they are needed most. The need for ongoing costly maintenance expenses is also eliminated; we take care of the service and schedule as needed.

Our long-term clients include:

   Lumber yards
   Landfill areas
   Water treatment plants

Consider a single unit with hand washing capability. Holding tanks and fresh water systems are available for locations with temporary office buildings.

A ConnCans representative will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and will help you choose the right solution for your needs and budget. Contact us today!